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Wasatch Equality (WE) is a Utah based nonprofit working to establish equal access to public lands for skiers and snowboarders alike.

WE began as a grassroots movement of individuals, families, and businesses committed to ending the anti-snowboarding policies at Alta Ski Area that have defined the resort since the early 1980’s. Long after the rest of the winter community has come to recognize snowboarding, it’s hard to believe there’s still an argument being made against the sport.

By convincing Utah’s hold-out resorts to open their lifts to everyone, friends and families will be able to exercise their legal right to enjoy public land, regardless of how they choose to get downhill.

Wasatch Equality Board:


A Utah native, Drew is a Wastach snowboarder through and through. He co-founded Salty Peaks Snowboard shop, and managed the store for more than a decade in addition to racing professionally and designing his own line of boards. While he no longer makes his living in the outdoor industry, Drew still chooses to spend his spare time riding, climbing, and surfing alongside his wife and daughter.

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Forrest moved to Utah from Maryland nearly two decades ago in pursuit of mountains and the outdoors, a passion that has extended into his career as a Photogrammetrist. As a perennial Snowbird pass holder, Forrest takes every opportunity he can to spend the day riding with his wife and stepsons.

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Rich is a Utah native who’s been involved in the snowboard industry since it first got off the ground in the late 70’s, including a pro stint with Kemper Snowboards. Though he now works in real estate, Rich devotes his winters to riding with his wife and two sons or splitboarding in the Wasatch backcountry.

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Benny first experienced winter in Utah in 1989, and hasn’t missed one since. His love of snowboarding led him into a job at the legendary Milosport, a shop he now co-owns. Despite a busy schedule and regular trips to work with action sports brands domestically and abroad, Benny still manages 90 days a season on snow. Some being spent with the snowboarding elite, others are with long-time girlfriend, who skis.

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Equal Access for skiers and snowboarders is a worthy cause. The Litigation is expensive
and time-consuming. Please help fund the legal challenge by making a monetary donation.